Kalsey Consulting Group acquires BlogSnob

We're happy to announce that idya's BlogSnob web service has been acquired by Kalsey Consulting Group as a part of its weblog strategy.

posted on October 15 2003@14:41 hrs UTC
  Adsystem @ WebMonkey

Adsystem is listed in WebMonkey's A Banner-Free Year for Advertising article.

posted on July 14 2002@20:45 hrs UTC
  Adsystem @ Sitepoint

Adsystem was listed in SitePoint's Weekly Newsletter.

posted on June 28 2002@19:04 hrs UTC
  Idya featured at rediff.com

The three of us at Idya Research got featured at rediff.com. Check out the story here.

posted on May 15 2002@04:52 hrs UTC
  Idya DBX version 1.0 beta released

Finally, DBX, our SQL queried XML database system in PHP is out. Our solution for your flat-file database needs... and more... for your XML database needs. And the best thing is that it's free! Download version 1.0 beta here

posted on May 11 2002@20:07 hrs UTC
  Idya AdSystem version 1.0 released

Wanna put text-ads on your website? Here's what you need. Idya AdSystem, the one thing to solve all your text ad management problems. It's out and, it's waiting for you. Download version 1.0 here

posted on May 11 2002@19:57 hrs UTC